Our Journey

I may not have gone where I intended to go but have ended up where I was meant to be. 

I met my husband 7 years ago on a blind date. Our friends tried fixing us up for about a year before I finally gave in and agreed. Why? Because I had already dated 2 of their friends and it was a bad idea both times.

I remember sitting in the coffee shop waiting for him to arrive and when I saw jeep pulling in I began praying, please let that be him, please, please, please……and it was. He took be on a 5 1/2 hour hike, it was a hard hike and I loved the challenge. We couldn’t stop talking and couldn’t wait for our next date. 

we made it up a tough hike, our first date

we made it up a tough hike, our first date

Looking out from the top, first date

Looking out from the top, first date


We were married within 10 months and wanted to begin our family as soon as possible (I was 31 and my husband 37).

our wedding

our wedding

I grew up in a full house and my husband an empty house. We talked about having a house full of kids. My husband just wanted to get started, I wanted at least 5 little ones. We tried, tried, tried, for over 62 months we failed. Unless if you’ve experienced infertility you can’t really understand how hard those failures are month after month. We saw doctor after doctor, started acupuncture, did crazy diets, hormones, Chinese Teas, changes in diets, cut back on exercise (I was an avid marathon runner and did a lot of boxing/kickboxing) surgeries, etc. and that journey came to a dead end. 5 years later we still had empty arms. I was inconsolable.

Our 5th anniversary, before our last treatment.

Our 5th anniversary, before our last treatment.

Last October we heard a sermon on desires of the heart and how God wants to bless you with those desires. We came home from church, I looked at my husband and said you know someone in our community has to be able to help us with a private adoption. I challenged him that we could put having a family in God’s hands and share our journey with our friends and family. He was a little hesitant but came to the conclusion that at this point what do we have to lose besides the embarrassment of telling others we struggled with infertility, (which is really stupid that we’re made to feel like less of a person because we can’t reproduce).

Very few people knew of our struggles to have a family so, we wrote a letter telling our story and shared our dreams for a family. Then we asked if anyone knew of someone expecting who happened to be looking for a home for their baby and wanting to do a private adoption, that they put them in to contact with us. We shared it on Facebook and emailed it to our friends/family.

Little did we know that shortly after we put it out there a family friend had a visitor, a young lady who was expecting and was thinking about adoption but unsure how to go about it. Our friend shared our story. 

November came and went, nothing. We waited, we knew God had orchestrated a plan for us that would be nothing short of a miracle.

A few months later in our Christmas cards we reminded everyone we were still waiting for our little one. That same young lady had returned to our friend’s house asking about us. On December 26th we got a call from my cousin asking if we were still looking for a baby to adopt. That same young lady who was just thinking about adoption was ready to start the process and she was due in 3 months. We were put in to contact with her and set up a time to meet. When this young lady laid eyes on us she got chills and became very emotional, she knew we were meant to be her baby’s parents.

We were able to be involved in the rest of the pregnancy and even threw a blessing shower for his birth-mom. 3 months later we welcomed a baby boy to the world and our family! Our dreams for a family are now our reality.

Baby Boy's Birthday!

Baby Boy’s Birthday!

baby arrived

our baby boy a few days old

our baby boy a few days old

7 years ago we had hope and then month by month, treatment after treatment, year after year it dwindled away. Then letting go and putting it out there to really let God work his magic and……………… here we are, with an amazing little miracle. 

For those of you struggling remember that the way we think things should happen is rarely the way they will. Be flexible, be open to different paths, don’t be too stubborn to think that your vision is the only way, and don’t let go of those dreams that come from your heart! There has to be away.

Give Faith a chance

Don’t give up on Desires of the Your Heart!

We named our little guy Mateus because it means a Gift from God, that’s exactly what he is. 

adoption ceremony20140712_091344 20140621_160741 2014-07-08 10.56.31 2014-07-08 10.54.49

Our happy little guy

Our happy little guy


One thought on “Our Journey

  1. What a beautiful story, I got chills as I read it. Thank you for sharing. Mateus is absolutely beautiful, congratulations!! I know you will be amazing parents.


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