Fun To Be ONE


Our little angel had his first birthday! We decided to do the unconventional route and celebrate in his birth state near where he was born so that family & friends (and yes birth family too) could be there.

We rented a room at a Carousel near the hospital where he was born and began party planning. It was a little stressful planning everything from a few states away but it all worked out. Family and friends who supported us through our adoption journey as well as his birth family were able to attend.

Some people were confused or bothered by this (usually older people) but I really want to ensure that his birth-family is apart of his life and that they are apart of his life. I’m friends with his birth-mom, we have a special relationship. She wasn’t ready to be a parent and we longed to be parents. She’s grateful that we’ve welcomed her son as our own and that we encouraged her to be apart of his life. It’s not a lack of love or lack of bonding on her part it’s just where she is in her life. She was devistated and heart broken to put him up for adoption but she knew she had to be responsible with her decision and put Mateus first. She said she knew when she met us that we were meant to be her baby’s parents.


Back to party planning…… we decided on an safari theme since the carousel had different animals on it and we often call our little guy a little monkey. I did a picture collage with pictures from birth then monthly. It was so much fun seeing how much he grew every month. Our baby is now a little boy!

10306639_10153202567761950_3574116879013964926_n 11150409_10153202567836950_986541358004473825_nwe had jungle juice at our watering hole, fruits and a few candies that we creatively named like: Gorilla Chips (banana chips), twigs (pretzels), snake eyes (grapes), peanut butter pretzels (elephant treats), safari sunrises (orange slices), ants in the mud (chocolate covered rasins), fire ants (crasins), Tarzan Vines (green licorice), crocodile eggs (doughnut holes) – instead of cake, etc. It was fun brainstorming and coming up with names for each item. We offered gluten & dairy free items (since we are) to keep everyone happy. 🙂


The kids all had fun riding on the carousel and adults enjoyed visiting. Mateus was teething and off his nap schedule so he wasn’t his usual out going self but still managed to have a good time. Our trip was fast, hectic and a bit stressful but well worth it. It meant so much to us that our friends who were so supportive during our adoption journey got to be there. Having Mateus’ birth-family there was great! It wasn’t awkward or uncomfortable.

19119_898716016816248_7669999610185710047_n 11082225_10153203561431950_2237090989947458409_o 1980254_10153203561796950_3144309666079116270_o 11036053_10153203561801950_688451228640241162_o 1450898_10153202566476950_8175269627972038380_n 11148639_10153202566401950_8143483351846540742_n 11102719_10153202566521950_5503942440979253321_n

On his actual birthday we were very low key. My sister came to town and we went out to the Red Rock Canyon. It was great. Mateus loves being out doors. He also got the dreaded (on my part) first haircut. I am really bummed, I miss his long hair but it’s no longer in his eyes and now he looks like a boy and I’m not constantly correcting people about his gender.

This past year was a whirl wind and we’re so thankful and blessed to be Mateus’ parents. He is such an incredible kid and we are head over heels for him.I am beyond grateful that we have been blessed to be his parents, he is truly our greatest joy!



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